New Feature - Lead Agent 


Lead Agent account is now available with the latest release of Click2Coach. A Lead Agent can be recorded and can evaluate recordings.  This feature allows you to change the status of a Supervisor account to a Lead Agent account. Alternatively you can modify a superstar agent to Lead Agent.  

Consider a few scenarios submitted by fellow users of C2C:

  • Many times supervisors need to get on escalated calls or even jump in to help when the queue gets a bit too long. With the Lead Agent feature, these calls can be recorded and evaluated. Update your Supervisor account to a Lead Agent, designate them a Lead Agent in the group they are assigned and you are all set.  
  • Do your star agents assist in on boarding new team members? Are they helping provide feedback and assisting those who are under performing and need focused attention?  In either case, the agent would be evaluating only a portion of agents in their group or even agents in other groups.  

Lead Agent allows you to create a “Lead Agent Group”.  Simply add the Lead Agent to the new group, mark them as a Lead Agent of that group and then add the agents you want to be monitored.  Agents can be removed from the group when they no longer need additional focus. Remove them and they will go back to their original status. 

If you have questions about Lead Agent or want to discuss the best way to implement, please contact support and we will be happy to assist.

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